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August 28th, 2000 · Comments Off on Salavaux

August 28, 2000 Salavaux to Zurzach Day 241 Today is to be the bike path day, finally!  Rich, Jane, Roma, Sue and Valerie all ended up following the bike path.  It was a wonderful route going along Trail #5 & #8.  For the most part the trails are well marked and it is almost not […]

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August 25th, 2000 · Comments Off on Geneva

August 25, 2000 Geneva, Switzerland continued… Day 238 Geneva was easy to find, I just followed the lake around from France.  I was halfway around the “big lake” when I realized it was Lake Geneva.  I haven’t been paying attention to maps, dates or even places.  I have been getting up in the morning and […]

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August 24th, 2000 · Comments Off on Raron

August 24, 2000 Raron, Switzerland to Abondance, France Day 237 Switzerland is so very beautiful. Today we rode by miles of vineyards with grapes nearly ripe on the vine. I never thought of Switzerland as a place for growing wine, but it definitely is. The vineyards start in the valley and creep up the hillside, […]

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August 23rd, 2000 · Comments Off on Alps

August 23, 2000 Flims to Raron (bus to Andermatt to begin riding) Day 236 The schedule got really screwed up today.  We were supposed to take a bus half way and ride over the last pass of the Swiss Alps, but the bus ride was too long or something, so TK&A put us on a […]

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August 21st, 2000 · Comments Off on Flims

August 21, 2000 Flims layover Day 235 Camp was located around a soccer field that was in front of a wonderful Ice arena.  This facility had showers and a restaurant for us.  It was a long walk to town up a very steep road.  All in all it was a good place to spend a […]

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August 21st, 2000 · Comments Off on Liechtenstein

August 21, 2000 Braz, Austria to Flims, Switzerland via Liechtenstein Day 234 Liechtenstein is a small principality nestled in the mountains between Austria and Switzerland.  It took me longer to write 10 postcards and mail them off then it did to cycle from border to border. Liechtenstein looks much like Austria.  The hills were very […]

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August 20th, 2000 · Comments Off on Switzerland

August 20, 2000 Braz, Austria to Flims, Switzerland Day 234 Switzerland is more beautiful than I ever imagined. The border crossing from Liechtenstein into Switzerland was the most beautiful I have see yet. It was located in a vast green field, there were mountains rising from the fields in every direction on the road, two […]

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August 15th, 2000 · Comments Off on Passau

August 15, 2000 Passau Day 228 The bus carried us from the Czech Republic back to Germany. At the border, the bus driver collected all of our passports in a plastic shopping bag.  He ran them into the guard station, returning 10 minutes later with permission to cross.  It was that simple.  Getting the busload […]

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Czech Republic

August 12th, 2000 · Comments Off on Czech Republic

August 12, 2000 Terezin Day 225 I hooked up with Ramona to ride today. We followed Ken Anderson, Barbara and Dick out of town, before realizing they were not riding the route. Ken was looking for a bike path to follow. It sounded good, at least better than riding on the road, so we followed […]

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August 11th, 2000 · Comments Off on Dresden

August 11, 2000 Senftenberg to Dresden Day 225 It was to be a short 41 mile day into Dresden.  Somehow it turned out to be a long day, I rode with so many others that all had something to do…every 5 minutes.  Finally, I just resolved to relax and not worry about it.  As it […]

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