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October 27th, 2000 · No Comments

Luizhous to Binyang

Day 300

I never got to Binyang, but I am compelled to relate the following story.

The riders arrived to find a shortage of rooms. The town was small and not accustomed to having westerners visit. The TK&A group was negotiating to find more hotel rooms. (It was a good thing 19 of us stayed behind!)

One of our riders was accosted in the hallway of the hotel by a drunk. He wisely didn’t fight back, (we are still traveling without passports, police involvement would not be advised!) but ended up being pursued by the drunk who tried to use a cigarette lighter (the lighter’s in China are similar to blow torches) to set fire to his private parts. The rider’s wife reacted quickly by pushing the drunk away. In the meantime, the hotel owner showed up and got into a tussle with the drunk and his friends. It was a dicey place.

Accommodations were reported to have fleas, rats and ants. The plumbing either left something to be desired or didn’t work at all.

With these pressing problems, TK&A wisely decided to move the group ahead by bus to Nanning where we were supposed to stay the following night. The hotel there was a 5 Star International Hotel.

This trip is a trip of contrasts. From the bowels of the earth to the clouds of heaven. All in one night!

Of course the Kristal buses transported all of “my people” to the International Hotel. (You are welcome, Tim!)

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