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China Summary

October 3rd, 2000 · No Comments

Our last night in Nanning, Tim Kneeland led a meeting telling us that Odyssey would go on with only the people who would pay the additional $3000. Tim tried to justify his decision by giving a cost list of some of the flights and the projected increases the airlines had experienced. Curiously the overage was almost the same amount of people who had paid in full and never took the trip.

The insulting part was the fact that the airline cost sheet excluded the first two flights of our year in which TK&A did not charter large enough airplanes and ended up having to charter 3 additional planes to take us and the gear. It was very obvious to me that we were now paying for his poor judgment and lack of planning. To me an expense like this should be absorbed by the business person who made it. Or if not possible he should at least recognize it and apologize. Instead it was swept under the rug.

When Larry and I paid for this trip, we never in a million years thought we were paying for a trip that had yet to be organized. The most significant details had not yet been priced, sized or worked out. It was an extremely careless way to run a business.

I decided that I would not be paying another dime to be mismanaged. I can do THAT myself!

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