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January 1st, 2000 · No Comments

Kristal Kraft & Larry McGee leaving Denver on the AmtrakIn the year 2000 we will left the comforts of our home to travel with a group of bicycle nomads, 20,000 + miles around the globe. This site chronicles the trip with many pictures and journal entries made during the trip.

The site was built so our friends and family could keep us with us during the journey. You are welcome to travel “with us in spirit” as we circle the globe visiting 47 countries on 6 continents. Please bear in mind that this website was created under less than normal circumstances. More often I would be adding content while sitting in my tent having a mini flashlight attached to my headband, for light. I would work furiously trying to complete the task before the batteries died on the computer and/or the flashlight!Kristal Kraft & Larry McGee in front of world map

Other times in the evening we would scope out the dinner facilities for “power sockets” and sit accordingly. After dinner I would plug in and work until the task was complete. Finding phone lines to “publish” the site was always a challenge. Needless to say Larry and I got very experienced in finding and working with various telephone systems! I was able to publish is almost every country we visited, with the exception of the former “communist block” states. There I just had to wait to get to an acceptable place to log on and publish.

The end result is still unabridged. I find it very difficult to go back and read what I wrote, so much of it was my “feelings” at the time. There is so much I have omitted too. There just wasn’t enough time to do the site to the extent I would have liked, but then there really wasn’t enough time to do what we did either!

Many times we were traveling so “fast” even on bikes. We missed getting to know the countries and the people better. I do know that in the end, I still can’t pick out a favorite place…there were so many!

These days we are back working selling Denver real estate. Our experience has broadened our lives, including our business. The year 2000 was the best year of my life…

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