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August 23rd, 2000 · No Comments

August 23, 2000 Flims to Raron (bus to Andermatt to begin riding)

Day 236

The schedule got really screwed up today.  We were supposed to take a bus half way and ride over the last pass of the Swiss Alps, but the bus ride was too long or something, so TK&A put us on a train.  Of course the train didn’t give us the option of doing 1/2 the ride, we had to take it to the end.  It was a beautiful train ride and would have been a wonderful 2 day bicycle ride, it only I had known sooner.  Oh well….

I did get to ride to the train station and then from the station.  It was about a 30 kilometer ride, but I missed the chance to ride my bike over the highest point of the Alps.  Just the same it was a good day.

On the way to the train station I went through a cloud.  Our camp in Flims was high, when I left it was sunny.  On the way down I stopped to take a photo of a cloud below me, then as I rode, I went through the cloud.  It was a scary, fast downhill ride with very poor visibility.

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