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August 11th, 2000 · No Comments

August 11, 2000 Senftenberg to Dresden

Day 225

It was to be a short 41 mile day into Dresden.  Somehow it turned out to be a long day, I rode with so many others that all had something to do…every 5 minutes.  Finally, I just resolved to relax and not worry about it.  As it turned out, we all probably avoided injury because of it.

Shopper Bill and Jane H. are doing just fine now.  This picture was taken in the Czech Republic a few days later. Three cheers for the helmets…they did their duty!

Just as we entered Dresden, we encountered the worse stretch of road of the entire day.  At first there was construction, one way traffic, an underpass, lots of traffic then sand just proceeding the bike path.  It was at this spot that day where four of our riders fell in individual accidents.  Jane H. had the worst accident, hitting her head, breaking her helmet in half and getting road rash on her arm and leg.  She spent the night in the hospital under observation for her concussion.  All the riders are ok, save a few bruises.

We came upon this section of road just as the ambulance had left.  We knew to slow down because of the crowd.  I wonder, would I have slowed down otherwise….

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