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August 15th, 2000 · No Comments

August 15, 2000 Passau

Day 228

The bus carried us from the Czech Republic back to Germany. At the border, the bus driver collected all of our passports in a plastic shopping bag.  He ran them into the guard station, returning 10 minutes later with permission to cross.  It was that simple.  Getting the busload of passports returned to their natural owners was more difficult!

Our bus driver was a character.  He moved fast and was impatient, not a good combination for someone in charge of so many people.  He was very typical of the Czech drivers.  They like the drivers in Russia were not pedestrian or bike friendly.  I was glad we were done with our Czech cycling.

We all had sympathy, but laughed at the bus driver when he couldn’t find the campground.  He drove back and forth for an extra hour after we arrived in town, looking for it.  I guess I’m not the only one who can’t follow the DRG!

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