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August 30th, 2000 · No Comments

August 30, 2000 Zurzach to Rheinmunster

Day 243

We never got to Rheinmünster, with the change in schedule we stayed in Steinach a small town in the Black Forest.  There was 6 of us staying in a cabin.  We had to dress and leave the area to find breakfast, since we were officially off route on the route!  (figure that one out!) The Odyssey group was taking the bus, we were riding the route, unsupported because we wanted to see the Black Forest by bike, not the seat of a bus on the Autobahn.

The route was very hilly today.  We climbed for a long time before ending up on a ridge running for many kilometers.  The view of the mountains from the ridge was wonderful, even though the day was rather over cast.  The climb was not really bad, since we were in the shade most of the time and temperature was cool.  I don’t mind climbing as long as it’s not to hot.  Today was a perfect day for that.

At the summit, there was a town marked on the map, but it was nothing more than a tourist trap.  Hundreds of buses and parked cars lined the streets, while people ate and walked around a lake.  It is nearly the end of summer and everyone seemed to be taking advantage of the nice weather.

My biggest disappointment was I never got to eat Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest.  Where ever we ate we asked, but they never had it.  Bill Wiggans found a place at breakfast and thrilled the staff by having a piece for breakfast.  They were so tickled at the crazy American cyclist eating cake for breakfast.  I was bummed I didn’t stick with Bill for breakfast!  I am still jealous!

Having a couple days away from the big group was good.  When I rejoined in Rheinmünster, it was late in the afternoon.  The camp ground was so huge and amazing, it was probably the most amazing place we have been yet as far as campgrounds go.

There were 99 toilets, or so they say, I didn’t count them, but I believe it.  The facility nearest my tent was very large, holding nicely appointed toilets and showers.  But also there was a room for washing the children.  It held a ground level trough like place where you could put the child in and shower (hose) them down.  How perfect, a car wash for kids!

An outside entrance to the building there was a dog wash for the pets.  It was definitely a full service campground.  There were laundry facilities with the standard “take forever washers and dryers”, that was a disappointment, but other than that I was very much impressed.

Rheinmünster is part of the Rein Wein Strasse route.  We left there and followed along the route with grapevines and winery’s for miles and miles, all the way back to the Rhine river.

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