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August 28th, 2000 · No Comments

August 28, 2000 Salavaux to Zurzach

Day 241

Today is to be the bike path day, finally!  Rich, Jane, Roma, Sue and Valerie all ended up following the bike path.  It was a wonderful route going along Trail #5 & #8.  For the most part the trails are well marked and it is almost not necessary to have a map, but we did.

At lunch we found a wonderful trailside cafe with outdoor seating.  Since the menu was in German, I wasn’t exactly sure what pointed to, but when the server brought out the most delicious pork chop with a green sauce, I was a happy camper.  Germans do salads, sausage and pork very well.

We had such a good time on the trails, not hurrying and laughing a lot.  The trails follow the river and wind through farmlands.  Going this way is so much easier than constantly worrying about traffic and not being able to ride together.

We even saw a group of Wallabies (little kangaroo like animals) on a farm.  They were in a field with some Llamas.  A passerby stopped to chat with us and said the Doctor who owns them likes animals and has all sorts of different species on the farm.  I was feeding them cookies.

At  four in the afternoon we were still far away from camp, we found a train and hopped on.  After two more train changes, we made it in to  Bad Zurzach.  It was a good day.

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