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Gol to Hokksund

July 17th, 2000 · No Comments

Gol to Hokksund (I took the train to Oslo)

Day 199

The morning mist hung below the mountain peaks. It was an interesting view, with mountains in every direction. The day before I thought I was ready to ride, but my mind wasP0002823 still not ready.

Jane and I went back to the train station and boarded the train for Oslo. Unlike the train the day before, this train was a short one and very crowded. We got our bikes on board and sat together in seats, but got bumped. Until then we had not realized the tickets issued had seat assignments on them. We were sitting in someone else’s seat! He was very nice about it and explained we were in the wrong seat and the wrong car. He showed us where on the ticket to look for our seat assignments.

We gathered up our stuff and headed back to the END of the train. It was difficult navigating down the isles with all my junk. I was actually getting sea sick from the motion of the train as it wound up the mountainside and I walked. The train was loaded with American kids on a tour plus all the locals. I don’t think there were extra seats on the train to be had at all.

The ride took about 3 hours to get to Oslo. Our plan was to go stay at the hostel were Odyssey was to end up in another day. We arrived at the train station, found the tourist info place and paid their small fee to book rooms for us. It was so easy.

Within a few minutes Jane and I were in our new digs. It was a nice clean room with just enough space for the two of us, plus it had an added special feature, a telephone! Hooray! Jane needed to call her beau so I got lost on the streets of Oslo!

I wondered about, without a destination or a purpose other than to find food. I trusted my intuiation and found a nice walking mall. I shopped for awhile, thinking it was about time Jane should be done. On the way back I stopped at a grocery store for fruit and munchies. I figured Jane and I could share a snack and then sleep.

P0002830 My plan didn’t quite work out that way. On the way back, Fred grabbed my arm and said, “follow me!” I obediently followed him, along with his collection of about 16 other riders. Fred had organized a tour with a professional tour leader friend of his. We were going on a personal tour of Oslo! I was delighted, but bothered by the fact I had no way to reach Jane and let her know what I was doing.

Our impromptu group boarded a trolley that was taking us to the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo’s largest public park. The artist Gustav Vigeland created some 200 sculptures inP0002848 granite, bronze and wrought iron. The figures are master pieces in life expression. Our guide told us the story of the artist and common perceptions about his work. I enjoyed seeing it immensely.

The statues are all naked. Had Vigeland dressed them, they would have been locked in a period by their clothing. Being naked the only time that shows on them would be the hairdos. The expressions are timeless.

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