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November 24th, 2000 · No Comments

The night after Thanksgiving at the Meridian Hotel in Singapore, we had our farewell party. ItDr. Rod Jones was the end of the ride for the majority of us who decided for various reasons not to continue on with TK&A. The gathering was one of sadness, joy and compassion. We hated the fact that it was the end and we didn’t like the idea that some were continuing on, but we all respected each other’s decision or at least tried too.

The event featured riders wearing clothing purchased from all over the world. We had suits, dresses both formal and causal along with birthday suits and helmets alone!

Dr. Rod Jones striped down to his dollar bills. The three look a likes, Ben, Charley and Jim bared it all right down to their matching tan lines. Now we know how to tell them apart.02K tattoed on their butts

Helmets not optionalCameras were clicking and the girls were gawking. We had a few last laughs together.

With all the excitement, I forgot to take photos of the “normal” stuff. The choir sung and the girls showed their stuff. I just like the boys better! Sorry. I’m the author, I can be one-sided if I want.

The night ended, the Odyssey riders went to various ends of the earth. We had an awesome experience this year and we shall forever be bonded together because of it.

BUT…My Odyssey continues, on to Cambodia…

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