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Viet Nam a summary

November 2nd, 2000 · No Comments

I loved Viet Nam and the way I traveled through the country. Transportation in third world countries is always difficult and Viet Nam was no exception. Using the flights to shorten the distance between stops certainly help by giving me more time to spend in each location.

There is much more I would like to see in the country. The minority tribes to the north are very interesting and treks to visit the villages are very common. I want to return to the Mekong Delta for a longer stay and to see the floating market. Oh the list can continue on.

Most of all, I want to return with my daughter and husband to have clothes made for them too. Who knows maybe by then I will decide I need a few more pieces.

Viet Nam was another special place on my journey. I shall be back.

Tags: SE Asia · Vietnam