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September 14th, 2000 · No Comments

The Cologne Cathedral is one of the largest in all of Europe. Even after all the cathedrals we have seen on the trip, this one beckoned us to visit. It’s tall spires could be seen from a long way off. Inside was very impressive stained glass and arched stonework. Unlike others, this cathedral had the feeling it was a working church. Hundreds of people were there not just to sightsee, but to worship.

It’s our last full day in Germany, we are done with seeing Europe, it’s time to move on. The anticipation level of leaving this leg of our adventure has us bored with whatever else our surroundings have to offer. We spent the last day lounging around the hotel, just waiting for the time to come to leave. Our noses stuck in respective books, drinking Mosel wine.

We say “good-bye” to the gear trucks. They are leaving our world and we will not see them again. The trucks were parked in front of the terminal at Cologne International Airport so we could empty our lockers. Normal airport traffic had to go around us, while we got our stuff out.

Tomorrow will be the “longest day.” We leave for the airport at 8:30 p.m. repack the gear and take it through security. After which we sit and wait until 11:00 p.m. when we can begin to load the plane. That was the plan.

The plane was late getting fueled, but that was the good news. At least we had fuel, after all the blockades prohibiting gas from being delivered, we didn’t mind waiting. Time seemed to drag, we stood in line to pass through security, then immigration then to get on the plane. We finally got settled and took off at 1:15 a.m. It had already been a long day and our flight of 22 hours had just begun!

Australia, here we come!

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